Thank you


One of the nicest parts of building a dream is the people one meets along the way. Sixteen great years, so many friends, so many good times.

Teresa Baird, who said yes every time

Alec and Austin, who didn’t see a lot of Dad some months

Gary Van Pelt, friend, confidant, mixer, teller of jokes

Mary Van Pelt, for letting Gary out to play

Steve Conrad, late-night wiring specialist

Roger Cortes

Ed Greene

Glen Hatch, owner of Audiowest

Reed Wiggington and the staff at Advanced

Bruce Catania

Arsenio Hall

Prince. Not to diminish any of the other losses the musical world suffered in 2016, but Prince was the real genius. The only thing he really cared about was music. He was a demanding, exacting, perfectionist who knew what he wanted. He was also a gracious, quiet man with a ready smile. During the course of six hours one April night he patiently pulled a great set of mixes out of me.

Russ Saunders

Richard Kehl

Don Worsham, for our first referral

Brett Ostro

Pat Lucatorto

Last Comic Standing

Randy Ezratty

Stephen Warner, Third Wave Productions

Chabad Telethon

Michael Levin

Armenia Fund Telethon

Guy Charbonneau


Chris Robinson

Vegoose Festival

Joel Singer

Conor McAnally

Bart Peters


Klaus Landsberg

Ned Doyle

John Rubey

South By Southwest

Hardly Simply Bluegrass Festival


The View

Jeff Rothfus

Hank Neuberger

Outside Lands Festival

Marty Slutsky


Bart Chiate

Trace Goodman

Bret Valasek and the staff at ATK

Peter Rizzo

Doug Armstrong