Peter Baird

Not much to know.  I love music, and I love to mix.  I live in Stevenson Ranch with my wife of 29 years, Teresa, and my sons Alec and Austin.

Lightning does strike twice--my friend Ish Garcia got the offer to mix the new Arsenio Hall Show, and he asked me to come on the show to do music.  We had a terrific band, the Posse 2.0, and some really amazing musical guests, among them Prince, Wayne Shorter, Esperanza Spalding, and Janelle Monae.

I spent two really happy years in the music chair on Lopez Tonight.  We had what was then the best band in late night, the Ese Vatos, and I got to mix everything from Prince to Arturo Sandoval with side trips to Def Leppard and LMFAO.

I started Tosh.0, Rove LA, the Showbiz Show, CDUSA, Last Comic Standing, Weakest Link, and a host of other shows.  Along the way I've done specials and shows for Kathy Griffin, Carlos Mencia, Wayne Brady, and Ellen.  I won an Emmy mixing Wayne's show in 2002.

I was a marching band and drum corps nerd in high school and college, and rediscovered my passion for it in 2006.  I marched with the Kingsmen Alumni Corps in 2007, directed the Kingsmen Senior Corps in 2009, and was a DCA finalist with the San Francisco Renegades in 2010.


I took up trombone after I turned 50.  I'm standing with Gary Van Pelt, my best friend and fellow mixer the one time we got to play together.  Gary passed away in 2011.  I play third trombone in the GO Jazz Big Band in Santa Clarita.

I still play bass, but not with any top 40 or Beatles bands.  For some reason I'm extremely good at making soundalikes of iconic sixties pop songs.  Because of this I know Pro Tools better than most mixers.

Old Rocker

Sure wish I hadn’t sold that Hofner.  It was a ’67 and sounded amazing.  The Epi Viola bass doesn’t sound half bad, by the way, but it’s very different.  The Hof was thuddy and chunky, the Epi has a lot of sustain with more of a Gretsch vibe.  Still have the Sergeant Pepper costume.  Teresa says the 2012 picture looks like I’m shocked that somewhere along the line I got older.  For the morbidly curious the 1983 shot is probably the Marina Del Rey Warehouse, a happenin’ joint back then.  The band was The Jacknives.

Why should this matter?  Well, my friend Ed Greene once remarked that if he had his education to do all over again, he would study music.  Knowledge and appreciation of music, he said, is vital to being a decent mixer in any genre, be it television, music, features, or live.  I agree.

The Remote West Company, Inc.

Stevenson Ranch, CA