Conforming a Multitrack to an Edited Timeline--Pro Tools

From time to time when remixing live music for broadcast I find it more productive to conform the unmixed multitrack to the editor's timeline and finesse each edit across all the tracks before mixing. It makes hiding edits easier by having some tracks move to the new sync before the edit, and some after. It also means you can attack the mix as a whole instead of having to break down each song and reassemble it later.

The problem is I've never come up with a satisfactory way to conform several hundred edits across 64 tracks. It's aggravating having to do each edit by hand, but I'm not conversant enough with reconform software to know if it can be automated.

My present workflow is below, it works as long as Edit Keyboard Focus is on. I’m certain it can be done faster, chime in if you have ideas.

  • 1. Reveal Original Time Stamp in clips

  • 2. Spot entire performance multitrack to original timecode in timeline (that brilliant idea was from Scott Moore at United Recording)

  • 3. Group aaf and multitrack tracks separately

  • 4. Select entire aaf clip you want to conform

  • 5. Separate Timeline and Edit Selection (Shift + /)

  • 6. Press / on numeric keypad 3x to highlight Edit Length field, copy (C).

  • 7. Press / again to highlight Edit Start field, enter original Start number from aaf

  • 8. Press / twice to move to Edit Length, paste (V).

  • 9. Center Edit Start (left arrow key) and move Edit Selection up or down so cursor is in multitrack area

  • 10. Copy (C)

  • 11. Press Play and Stop to get back to Timeline selection

  • 12. Press Edit Selection to Timeline Selection (0 on keyboard)

  • 13. Copy (V).

It’s clunky, but it works and doesn’t require any mousing. Ideas?