Rob Todd, Low Brass Fanatic

Rob Todd is a talented brass player who is low brass instruments. When the pandemic set in to stay, he asked me to edit and mix some little pieces he put together for the web. Working on these really brought home how important Melodyne is for my process, and not just for tuning--it's indispensable for timing as well. These are the results.

The Mandalorian

I think this Mandalorian thing was the first one we tried together. It felt like a march to me, so I asked if I could put in a bunch of drum corps marching battery. To his eternal regret he said yes. Around this time I'm kind of figuring out what works and what doesn't from a mix and edit standpoint trying to make separate recordings mesh. I think this is the first time I used ReVoice Pro to virtually double the size of the ensemble--you can hear it at 1:24.

Robin Hood

Here I'm gradually getting the hang of it. Lots of different players this time, all with different sounding bedrooms and ideas on mic technique. I'm actually pretty happy with what I did with the battery on this one.

Prince of Trombones

Romeo & Juliet

This one was a lot more difficult to do than I thought it would be. It also features a real human percussionist, Brian Manchen.


Featuring Allison Martin

Written by Mark Mothersbaugh, the theme for Disenchantment turns out to be perfect for polka band covers. Till Richter is the drummer, and his kit sounded that good right out of the gate.

Out of the Past

A Trombone Noir Film

I got to play on this one.