Speed of sound in air at sea level: 1,126 ft/s
Sound travels around 1.1 foot/ms
1 frame of 29.97 video: 33.367ms
LCD display lag: as high as 68ms (2-3 frames)
Common Multiviewer lag: .5-1.5 frames
How to get the Dolby LM-100 out of SETUP mode: Shift/Setup
Pickier artists will begin to complain around 3.2-3.4ms latency when using IEM systems
The K in LKFS refers to K Weighting. K Weighting is a modified version of B Weighting which assumes a listening level around 70db. Dialogue will overload quicker under K Weighting than A or B.
LKFS and LUFS are essentially the same thing.
Regular Skype is half-duplex. If you try to use it with a live audience the outgoing signal will blank the incoming. (The solution is to dead-patch the send and use a cellphone as IFB.)
Facetime is full duplex but requires a rock-solid connection.
Intersample peaks are B chain concerns. Even material encoded with no overages may exhibit overs on playback. One approach is to brick-wall limit absolute peaks to -2db digital full scale.
NOS: cardioid mics at 90°, caps 30cm apart
ORTF: cardioid mics at 110°, caps 17cm apart
X/Y: cardioid mics at 135°, caps coincident
Decca Tree: 3 omni mics, LR 5’ apart, C 2.5’ fwd of LR, all 10.5’ high. Opt: 2 outriggers 20’ from C 10.5’ high
Dante switch configuration table. USE IT.
Multicast flows in Dante always have a latency of 1ms from the transmitter no matter what the receiver latency is set to.

Extremely Arbitrary Quick Reference