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Peter Baird

2/10/20221 min read

Here and Everywhere/Anne Paćeo

Anne Pacéo is a new artist for me. What I love about this track is the effortless feel of the vocal messing around tossed off like it was nothing. Fun electronic mallet solo.

Sun for Sunny/Bill O'Connell

I dare anyone to listen to Sun for Sunny and not smile. Great bass solo by Lincoln Goines.

Illusion/Alma Naidu

Alma Naidu seems have landed in the Jazz category in the same uneasy way Anita Baker did. Don't let that scare you, her song construction is tight and her voice is amazing.

B61/Aiofe O'Donovan

B61 will pull you in completely at the first notes. But wait for it--there's a great chorus and a heart-rending bridge coming up.