A regular Thursday feature of this channel.

Peter Baird


Cover of the Week: Leonard Cohen's Suzanne by Gregory Porter. The Cohen tribute album Here It Is: is chock-full of amazing musicians trying really hard to channel Dark Leonard. Porter doesn't bother with any of that bullshit--he just sings the song using his perfect voice.

"Once your girl/I'm always your girl/When I'm here or when I'm there/Or on a plane headed somewhere." Life According To Raechel, in addition to the quirky spelling, has a hard center like a black hole in a lollipop. Madison Cunningham does it again.

Pick a best song from Geoffrey Keezer's Playdate. I dare you. Refuge is simply the most arresting of a brilliant collection. Plus it feels a little like Klaus Ogerman to me, so I loved it instantly.

This week's Problem Child really goes out of its way to annoy me. Detuned lo-fi banjo attempting to sound like a terrible cassette machine, annoying. Bathtub small room with plate on the vocals, annoying. Frog sfx under the frog lyric, annoying. Song itself, a little parfait of 60's sunshine by the Mellons, will raise your vibration level. Strawberry Girl should have been a Cowsills hit, at least the sonics would have been a lot better.