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Peter Baird


I don't want to put corook in the list as often as I do. Her little girl/vocal fry delivery grates on my nerves. But she's just so good at lyric and melodic contruction she's earned it. "I can't take you out to the beach every day/Or fly you to China, Maui, or Bombay/But I'll make your coffee/and I'll do your laundry too." Fair warning, she gets a little...angry...at popular culture toward the end.

Oh my Samara Joy. She's 23 going on legend. This is Samara taking a nothing 1958 tune and blowing life into it. Do yourself a favor and check out the whole album, Pasquale Grasso plays guitar. My only gripe is that the drum overheads are too distant from the ride--I want more of the sound of the bead hitting the cymbal.

Passion Fruit Boys make the list again with Let's Ride, a self-referential lyric riding over lots of Chris Isaak-style smoke and groove. It's a standard "I Get Around" love 'em and leave 'em theme, but it feels so dangerously Tarantino. Listen for the bass playing V-I eighths in the instrumental bridge rather than the expected I-V.

On this track Partner sounds like a female version of Bruce Hornsby and the Range. "No offense but I'm putting up fences/Letting in what the voice inside says." There's a big scoop of Indigo Girls anger in there as well. This seems to be from an EP, hopefully there's an LP on the way.