A regular Thursday feature of this channel.

Peter Baird


Spillin' the Tea is off Emmet Cohen's Uptown in Orbit. Perfect recording. How often do I say that? Rare instance of Russell Hall doing double bass slap technique on a recording, and it works amazingly well. Fun soundstage, stereo piano mostly on the left, drums mostly on the right, ride cymbal solidly in the center with the bass. Great breakdown section that I haven't parsed out and don't intend to.

I'm putting Emptiness Follows up here two weeks in a row because it is a sonic gem. When the flute enters hard right in the second half of the first verse you will look over to your right. "Always reaction/Our looming retraction/As you move through me." Aoife Nessa Frances certainly knows her way around an ambiguous lyric.

Day After Day is another one off the new Goo Goo Dolls album that is mostly Rzeznick. What makes it compelling is the chord structure: vi-IV-I repeated over and over. "All the same, day after day/The more you scream, the less you say." My guess is this is a commentary on the Twitterverse and social media in general.

Passion Fruit Boys seem to specialize in good pop/rock with a healthy streak of heroin music. Tell Me No is part of a long tradition of songs like Santana's Evil Ways complaining about how one is treated by their SO. "I'll call you honey/Maybe you'll call me sometime/You keep saying you love me/You could show me just one time."