A regular Thursday feature of this channel.

Peter Baird


Everything Keb’ Mo’ touches these days turns to gold. This is from Edgar Winter’s Brother Johnny album which has everybody in the universe on it. Lone Star Blues is all Dobro and rhythm, Keb’ trading vocals with Edgar. Simple, and dead tasty.

Good Looks is groping around for an identity, and their sound is still kind of a mess, like what Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard went through before their current album—all midrange and badly chosen verbs. But in Almost Automatic the song structure is there, the lyrics are thoughtful, and Tyler Jordan has an arresting voice.

Don’t over analyze Morning Hope. Just let Jamile’s voice wash over you and slowly lift your spirit. If you want to think about something, think about the fact this is a live recording of a performance from 2019, no pitch correction, no replacing fluffed notes (not that I heard any). Mike Holober and the Balancing Act is the ensemble. You’re welcome.

Something’s Got A Hold Of My Heart was written by NRBQ’s Al Anderson and creeps into your mind with odd bar phrases and lyric twists. I think this might be the strongest song on Bonnie Raitt’s new album Just Like That… Plus you get to hear her sing and play.

I know nothing about The Chopin Project except when this tune came across my feed I immediately perked up. Prélude in E Major (Opus 28 No. 9) is a pretentious name but a brilliant recording. Named artists are Kurt Rosenwinkel and Jean Paul Brodbeck, but I’m pretty sure it’s a quartet.