A regular Thursday feature of this channel.

Peter Baird


Shamelesssly cribbed from Gala Albo's 10 Best New Spins of the Week from college station KCSN is Ben Rector's Living My Best Life. Great morning coffee song. "Looking at things like 'What the actual hell?'"

Thanks to Gala also for Simulation Swarm from Big Thief. Adrianne Lenker has developed a truly fearless lyric facility. She pronounces "little Andy" like "little endy".

Keb' Mo's new album has several gems on it, among them the title tune Good To Be (Home Again). Songwriters take note: this is a perfect chorus. Love the B3 used as seasoning.

Someday I'd like to meet Will Joseph Cook on the other end of a console. Which name do I use?! Really distinctive vocal quality. Little Miss is a quirky hipster take on the I Miss You genre: "My pillows still talk about you." No major production mistakes in this, unlike 4am on the same album.

Good grief I love Superchunk. The band is the same age as my marriage, which is quite an accomplishment. Endlesss Summer is a Byrds/REM/Foo confection that has its very own ice-cream-truck-day bounce. And yes, they do rhyme "bummer" and "summer". No jazz this week, but I'm looking.