A regular Thursday feature of this channel.

Peter Baird


I think Loveology is actually a daydream from 8th grade biology class. For the first several minutes it has three thoughts repeating over and over, which is after all vintage Regina Spektor. Spare arrangement, pretty recording. I think I could stand hearing this one again in a Starbucks or a hip bookstore or a daydream…”Let’s go to the movies, I will hum you a song about nothing at all.” I’m sorry, did I doze off?

The unmistakable Homeward Bound Paul Simon guitar riff Boyfriends is based on is still arresting after 60 years. I know what you’re thinking—for someone who claims to not like Harry Styles (or Cory Wong for that matter) you sure do rate his songs highly. Yes. They’re just damn good. My only gripe with this one is that the high harmonies shouldn’t be limited to triads. Some suspensions and tensions need to be in there, possibly some contrary motion (think John Phillips’ Mamas and Papas contrapuntal stuff).

Over The Mountain is just good. Vintage Bruce Hornsby good. That’s Wunderkinder Sierra Hull ripping up on the mandolin part: “I don’t care if it IS a major seventh chord. I’m still playing pentatonic, and you will love it.” Drum room mics are a wee bit overcompressed.

The ‘raindrop’ prelude is worth a listen on a good system or phones just for the sound of the bead of the stick hitting the surface of the ride cymbal, never mind that Jean-Paul Brodbeck is displaying his considerable chops in a very accessible manner and Kurt Rosenwinkel has the most sinuous tone going in fusion. The Chopin Project once again demonstrates its dominance.