A regular Thursday feature of this channel.

Peter Baird


"All my love is spinning 'round the room/If only it would land on something soon" Julia Jacklin has the kind of pure, uninflected voice than can carry off a lyric like that with aplomb. Amazing low end on a primarily acoustic track. Unabashed use of major 7 chords.

Wikipedia calls Tommy McClain a "swamp pop musician" which is a great genre to own. Yes, that's Elvis Costello singing backup. I Ran Down Every Dream has maybe the best chorus twist line so far this year: "I ran down every dream/Some good, some bad/Some we shall not ever mention."

Just as swampy as Tommy is blues trio GA-20. Dry Run is a four-on-the-floor shuffle with all the elements I'm usually sure to hate--drum sound mostly from the room, lots of saturation on the vocal, big spring reverb on the guitar because after all we named the band after an amp. But it's a great song and an amazing recording.

(Remember Me) I'm the One Who Loves You is the Cover of the Week. Watkins Family Hour makes this thing swing hard. Sara Watkins' voice is a treasure.