A regular Thursday feature of this channel.

Peter Baird


It’s not very often I let one artist occupy the whole list for the week. Well, the Doctor Is In, and guaranteed to fix what ails you with some straight talk and a side of gumbo. Dr. John’s final release is an incredibly strong collection with amazing production.

End of the Line features Aaron Neville, and his entrance will raise the goosebumps on the back of your neck. But the message is all Mac Rebennack: “Round and round in the breeze/Well it’s alright/Doin’ the best you can/Well it’s alright.” Incredible groove, drum kit is over on the right side of the soundstage (I assume next to the craft services table, knowing drummers).

Give Myself A Good Talkin’ To is just competent therapy. “Sit down with myself/Have a nice long chat/When we’re done with the conversation/We’ll both know where we’re at.” Oh my the piano and organ comping is sooooo good.

And cue the horn section. Sleeping Dogs Best Left Alone admits that as humans we’re still going to make horrible decisions at at exactly the wrong time. But that’s where wisdom comes from, isn’t it? “Don’t try and go backwards/The hand’s already been dealt.”

And then there’s I Walk On Gilded Slippers. Not gonna tell you exactly what I think but it involves vampires and the French Quarter.

Best to you, Doc. We'll miss you.