A regular Thursday feature of this channel.

Peter Baird


El Mirador just simply has to be heard. It is cinematic in scope and will take you to a hundred different places and offer you a slightly different local Mezcal in each.

Erin Rae makes her third appearance on PBNSOTW with Kevin Morby doing co-lead. Can't See Stars is a simple thought expressed well, although I could have wished for something other than pedal steel to provide texture. I thought I caught Erin out for using "murmuration" incorrectly, but she was referring to definition 2.

Little North is a Scandinavian piano trio, and as far as I can tell Familiar Places is their first album. Play It's Beginning To Rain Again on the best stereo (or cans) you have access to, but be warned you will need five uninterrupted minutes to absorb all the human-scale emotion they invest in the tune.

Bright Star is one of those lyrics I sometimes have a problem with, as it seems to celebrate a potentially unhealthy obsession. Just have to remind myself that it's Anaïs Mitchell's obsession and not mine, and that it's beautifully sung. Great usage of the I-ii-Imaj7-ii guitar progression.

I have an untested, unevidenced theory that certain ryhthmic combinations have been written into human DNA by repetition. Of these one of the most hypnotic is the 4-against-3 polyrhythm Immanuel Wilkins invites the Farafina Kan Percussion Ensemble to use to steal the tune Don't Break.

If you're looking for a perfect electric guitar reference sound for mixing go to :47 in A Real Thing. The rest of the song is kind of a yawner but that sound alone is why The Beths (who've been around since 2015) are a great band.