A regular Thursday feature of this channel.

Peter Baird


Only four tunes this week, but they're something.

First is a stellar recording by the Tedeschi/Trucks Band. Ain't That Something shows off all the amazing skills of band, from Susan's Sloe Gin voice to Derek's distinctly different approach to slide. It also grooves. My goodness how it grooves. Great lyric as well. "I fell like a leaf/Down from your tree I let myself go"

The fiercely anti-capitalization corook makes the list again with it's ok. This song will make you feel better. "If I'm here any longer I'll get tan lines from the brightness." I really like the way she pronounces the word "weird". The lyric manages to find that rare space where the stupidity, danger, and futility of modern life are soothed by the simplest of sentiments.

So Head Rush was arguably Art d'Ecco's breakthrough song, which means of course he named his next album After the Head Rush. The title track is one long string of ii-V-I changes exploring different moods (one of the best being synth bells and a startling double bass). Some people who don't get what Art is doing complain about the seemingly meandering style of some of the tunes, but I think they're missing the point. Art is engaging in what Brian Wilson did with Pet Sounds--he's letting his musical imagination and favorite chord changes lead the creative process rather than soing structure. He's not there yet--I predict a further radical shift in his work that will garner him even more attention--but it's undeniably exciting to witness his talent evolve.

Not knocking her singing at all, but I'm pretty sure Amanda Shires' recording of her own Lonely At Night won't be the definitive version of this tune. The chorus and the melody of this lovely little waltz are too good for someone like Harry Styles or Elvis Costello not to pass up. Had this been written in 1969 Dionne Warwick would have had a hit with it.