An annual Thanksgiving feature of this channel.

Peter Baird


Something different this week: best 2022 Christmas releases, all of them top notch. Three of these are actually albums, the Linda Lindas tune is a single (and what a great single!). All are available on Apple Music, and the albums gathered into one playlist on shuffle would be awesome background music for any holiday get-together.

Groovy Xmas is right up there with the Waitresses' Christmas Wrapping. It's a raucous remembrance of a messy loud childhood in a house that loves Yuletide.

Next is the Louis/Ella duet I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm. You don't need any description of this classic from me other than to say it's from a new collection called Louis Wishes You a Cool Yule and all the songs were remastered for Atmos.

Jamestown Revival has a new Christmas album, Songs That Sleigh, and they really know their way around Blue Christmas. Elvis would have loved this record. Listen for the superlative hand muting on the bass and the duo's signature hair-raising harmonies.

Finally the amazing Jane Monheit doing Let It Snow! from her new album Merriest. I've always had a soft spot for her, but it wasn't until this album I realized she's listened to a LOT of early Streisand and internalized all the good parts. Great recording.